The Journey

Salomé is a fourth generation jeweler in her family, but getting to that path took a while.
Why? Simply because her love for the planet and belief in ethics was larger than her love for mined gems.
It was only in 2020 that she finally plunged into the world of lab grown gems and knew that this was her calling.

That is when Niji was born

Niji isn’t simply about gorgeous jewels, it’s about being proud and conscious about the pieces you are wearing on a daily basis.
The road to create such a transparent and ethical brand in Switzerland was a true challenge.

We prioritized artisanal work, entrepreneurial women and sustainable materials all throughout our product and packaging.

In 2022, after having worked on Niji for already two years, Salomé decided to pass her Graduate Gemologist diploma at the Gemological Institute of America to make sure that she knew everything about the sparkling gems we all love so much.
She absorbed every piece of knowledge about stones, mined and laboratory grown, to have the ability to share and educate.

After landing back in Geneva, the work on Niji continued, stronger than ever, to assure a 360° ethical approach on the entire brand and preparing to finally unveil our beautiful jewels to the entire world in 2023.

Making the beautiful Ethical

Today, purchasing mined stones waves your right to transparency since one stone can go through over 20 different people before ending up on your jewel. Finding its source or the condition of the miners is close to impossible.

Lab grown diamonds go from the laboratory, straight to our office and they are completely identical to a natural diamond, physically and chemically.

As for niji’s lab grown sapphires? They were made in Switzerland where we went to hand-pick each individual color.

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niji – 虹 (にじ) : a noun meaning ‘rainbow’ in Japanese.

niji – 虹 (にじ) : a noun meaning ‘rainbow’ in Japanese.

niji – 虹 (にじ) : a noun meaning ‘rainbow’ in Japanese.