Ethical rainbow jewels for conscious people

Ethical, conscious and colorful jewels have finally arrived in Switzerland. Niji is committed to crafting fine jewelry locally with exclusively lab grown diamonds and sapphires as well as recycled 18k gold. The era of transparency is upon us and we are here to deliver!

Recycled gold

All the gold used for your niji jewels are made with 100% recycled 18k gold. All the recycled gold has been sourced in Switzerland and has been melted here as well with solar power.

Our Geneva based jeweler is completely certified and regularly audited by the Responsible Jewellery Council which checks on a regular basis that every aspect of their roll out is 100% up to the most ethical standards, gold included.

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Lab grown sapphires

Sapphires are created thanks to the Verneuil process. It is a flame fusion process where very fine, pure aluminum oxide is melted with an oxyhydrogen torch at a temperature of more than 2000 degrees. Our Swiss lab has perfected the process so much that we are able to offer you over 15 different sapphire colors.

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Lab grown diamonds

Lab grown diamonds are chemically and physically identical to the diamonds that miners find after gutting the earth. They are created in a controlled environment with heat and pressure, which replicates the natural growing process of diamond in the ground. All of our diamonds have grown thanks to solar energy which makes them that much more ethical!

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Made for you

Niji works on an “on demand” basis to ensure the quality and personalisation of your jewel. You can choose the color of gold that you prefer and even the color of the sapphires!
Create a niji jewel that is completely unique to you and your personality at the tap of a finger.

niji – 虹 (にじ) : a noun meaning ‘rainbow’ in Japanese.

niji – 虹 (にじ) : a noun meaning ‘rainbow’ in Japanese.

niji – 虹 (にじ) : a noun meaning ‘rainbow’ in Japanese.

Make your dream a reality

Want to pop the question or simply treat yourself to a bespoke piece that comes straight from your wildest dreams? We are here to guide you through the process and make those dreams a very sparkly reality.

Love notes

I have the honor of proudly wearing "L'Edith" sapphire earring on my ear. I adore it as much for its cute name as for its design. This little sapphire named Chihiro is a pale pink drop with a delicate chain, a jewelry piece that looks delicate but is actually very sturdy! I never take it off, and the clasp is resistant to all challenges. Not even hair washes have been able to damage this high-quality little jewel that I never want to part with. In my opinion, it is the perfect everyday accessory that goes with everything! It just makes me irresistibly want to expand my collection with all the colors of the Niji rainbow! 🌈🫶🏻

- Morgane

Love notes

I wear with pride and pleasure the Lilane ring, named after my grandmother. It is both chic and discreet, very comfortable on the finger.
I chose the diamond version because of its timelessness. I just can't get enough of it!

I wish a huge success to Niji 🌈

- Vanessa

Meet the founder

Jewellery has been a family business for 4 generations, it has always been a personal desire to be a part of this heritage. As the first female to take over, it was really important to solve the ethical dilemma around the diamond industry. Thanks to the existence of lab grown gems such as diamonds and sapphires, a whole world of possibilities opened up and the creation of Niji became a reality to provide everyday guilt-free jewelelry that everyone can love.

niji – 虹 (にじ) : a noun meaning ‘rainbow’ in Japanese.

niji – 虹 (にじ) : a noun meaning ‘rainbow’ in Japanese.

niji – 虹 (にじ) : a noun meaning ‘rainbow’ in Japanese.