Bespoke pieces

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An engagement ring

A recycled family jewel

Or an adorable birth present

niji – 虹 (にじ) : a noun meaning ‘rainbow’ in Japanese.

niji – 虹 (にじ) : a noun meaning ‘rainbow’ in Japanese.

niji – 虹 (にじ) : a noun meaning ‘rainbow’ in Japanese.

Step No. 1

Make an appointment with our design team

Meet our super designer and express what you desire! They will get to know you and your requirements.

Step No.2

Take your pick!

Once you’ve collaborated with our designer and discussed style, budget and all other crucial details, you will receive a gorgeous folder containing all possible designs.

step No.3

Let’s talk about gems baby!

Do you want diamonds? Colorful sapphires? Both ? Our designer will help you choose from the different diamond and sapphire shapes and sizes, to best fit your unique design.

Step No.4

Making it special

An engagement ring, a necklace, a bracelet…let’s make it yours and yours alone with special tweaks, engravings and colors that correspond to only you.

Step No.5

Let’s Do It! 

Once you confirm you are happy, ecstatic, overjoyed with your design, we will finalize it with our artisans and ask to receive a 50% deposit, which will enable us to begin production with our incredible team of jewelers in Geneva. You’ll be kept up to date during the whole process, so you can follow the journey of your piece from idea to creation.

Step No.6

Planning a Secret Engagement?

Our founder loves love and will gladly have a one on one with you to brainstorm how to pop the question to the love of your life as well as giving you tips and tricks to assure a beautiful and emotional moment.

Book a RDV with Salomé

Discover the personal touch of Niji's founder! We're thrilled to offer you the unique opportunity to book an appointment with our founder, where you can explore our exquisite pieces in person or discuss the creation of a bespoke masterpiece. Whether you're seeking to see our jewelry up close or envisioning a one-of-a-kind design, this exclusive appointment allows you to connect directly with the visionary behind Niji. Click the link below to schedule your appointment and immerse yourself in the world of Niji, where passion, craftsmanship, and personalized experiences come together to create extraordinary moments.